Jason and Brit Prather own and operate Divider Records. Started in 2016 as Prathermade, we have pioneered a completely unique design solution to storing and displaying vinyl records. The original Record Rack started the flow and evolution continuing into Record Ledges and The Album Stand and onto the floor models of the Tretina, Bedford, and Morad, each design leaning into the other. We are proud of what we’ve done.

Everything we make is solid wood, it is glued, planed, sanded, finished and assembled in house. Orders are processed here and shipped from our small shop. Jason heads production, Shaun and Chad sand and finishes our products. Packaging our orders is a group effort. Jason and Brit are always here to answer questions via email.

Our shop is located in Amish Country Ohio, surrounded by local independent lumber yards and mills, making it easy to source close to home. Joining The National Forest Foundation Small Business Partnership in 2018, Divider Records is committed donating a portion of monthly sales which supports tree planting efforts. In 2021, Divider Records planted over 500 trees in the Small Business Partnership.

Each product is made to order.  Basic customizations vary from item to item and can be found in each products listing page.  Our standard racks, ledges and larger units are available in: Poplar (featured in your choice of Stain A, B or C), Walnut, Cherry or Hard Maple.  Ledges also include Oak.  

In 2020 we expanded our crossbar selection to Copper, Galvanized (silver metal) and Black (powder coated steel from a local metal manufacturer). 

We pride ourselves in quality as well as the large selection we offer to match any existing furniture, floor, room trim, speakers or plinth. 

Questions? Ask Brit!